Wednesday, January 11, 2017

white nationalism vs world government

by cathy aragon

illustrations by penmarq studios

recently i was online and the algorithms at yahoo or google decided to show me an ad for a book by a man named jared taylor, whom i had never heard of.

mister taylor is a white nationalist. apparently completely unapologetic. believes that black people are inferior, that the “white race” needs to wake up and defend itself, etc.

the ad linked me to amazon . as anyone familiar with amazon knows, the ads for any book will link you to other similar books that “might interest you”, which in turn link you to other books, videos, etc. there seems to be no subject so obscure, esoteric, or “niched” that amazon - not to mention google - can link to what seem infinite numbers of books, blogs, videos, etc on it.

so - no surprise to find that this unapologetic white nationalism is “out there”, generating enormous amounts of material for its niche audience.

this got me to thinking about another cause - the cause of world government. i.e. to spell it out, a single government - most likely the united nations but in any case a single government - which will rule the world , replacing all the separate governments - china, the united states, nauru, the republic of san marino, and the rest of them - which now exist.

as everyone knows, and has known for many years, world government is the goal of the “elites” who more or less rule the world now. notably the mainstream media, the majority of the scientists in the world (usually given as 97%) who are promoting the hoax of global warming, and the left wing academics who are brainwashing the world’s youth.

but in searching “world government” on google and amazon and on a site for available library books, i could only find a single book about the idea of world government - governing the world: the history of an idea, by mark mazower. professor mazower’s book, published in 2012, concludes with the sentence “the idea of governing the world is becoming yesterday’s dream”.

i also found a number of articles denouncing the idea of world government and/or warning against it.

but i could not find anything - anything at all - actually advocating world government.

why is this? is it because

a) the advocates of world government - who include, for starters, virtually all the journalists and all the scientists in the world - are so powerful, and so entrenched, that they are able to lull the world to sleep by keeping all references to their plans off the internet and other media, and that they are so confident of success that they do not feel the need to add new recruits to their cause


b) there is in fact, for better or worse, no movement for world government existing in the world today?