Sunday, September 23, 2012

the time is now

by cathy aragon

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

the time is now

not tomorrow
not the day after tomorrow

the deal is done
it has already happened

one world
and you live in it

there is nowhere to hide
there is nowhere to run to

there is no more wilderness
there is no more "territory"

there are no more worlds to conquer
there is only one world and it has already been conquered

so no more countries
no matter how beautiful

no more cultures
no matter how ancient

no more religions
no matter how wise

total world socialism now

no more america
no more europe or africa or asia

no more china or india
no more nauru or tuvalu or st kitts and nevis

no more monaco or republic of san marino
no more canada or mexico or united states

no more peoples republics
no more lands of the free and homes of the brave

no more god's countries
no more god's representatives on earth

no more popes or ayatollahs
no more wise men or prophets

no more christians or satanists or buddhists
no more jews, no more muslims

no more ireland or italy or iceland
no more argentina or australia

no more black or white
no more masters or slaves

no more teachers or pupils
no more adults or children

no more mysterious orient
no more missionaries

no more borders
no more fences on the nonexistent borders

no more truth
no more doctrines or discoveries

no more property
and no more money!

nothing more to fight over

the picture is clear
you can see it on your smart phone

you can see your hand holding your smart phone
you can see the hands of seven billion other humans holding their smart phones

say hello to everybody
say hello to yourself

total world socialism now

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