Friday, December 21, 2012

things to do, part 1

by cathy aragon

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

the human race faces four tasks in the decades to come:

1) the elimination of modern technology, to prevent the destruction of the earth

2) the establishment of a world socialist state

3) the elimination of money

4) the elimination of men

it would seem that not much progress is being made on any of these.

but despair is not an option

only the first (admittedly the most urgent) task receives even the most cursory lip service.

what have you done today, or yesterday, or last week, or ever, to eliminate modern technology?

yes, you - i'm talking to you. you, tapping away on your smartphone while the red and silver fist of technology slowly caresses you getting ready to squeeze you into the white hole of total universal death.

what's that? what am i doing to eliminate modern technology?

well, i am glad you asked that question.



i hear you! i will be right with you.

you - i will get back to you.

to be continued

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