Sunday, April 28, 2013

poem 101

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

illustrated by konrad kraus

listen up, people
we've got to get it together
we are all in this world together
we have to stop classifying each other

and calling each other names
names like racist and sexist and homophobe
and capitalist and nazi and fascist
and pig and asshole and retard and troll

and redneck and bible-thumper and libtard
and gun nut and lefty and race-baiter
and feminazi and dumb cunt and useful idiot
and tree-hugger and baby-killer and slut

and disease-spreading faggot
and communist dupe and socialist
and freedom-hating fanatic and fellow-traveler
and dirty hippie and baby-raper and rootless cosmopolitan

and cracker and raghead and slope and dink
and mama's boy and rape apologist
maybe i left something out
but you get the idea

if you could go up in a rocket ship
or in an alien spacecraft
and look down on the green and blue earth
you might get a different perspective

and see that the human race
is just one big squirming glomeration
of totally indistinguishable globs of protozoa
all fed from the same stream

of whoppers and budweiser and colonel sanders
and mountain dew and red bull and krispy kreme donuts
and philly cheese steaks and ramen noodles
and poland spring water and dominos pizza

all walking on the same concrete
with the same adidas and nikes on their feet
watching the same movies with tom cruise
reading the same books by nora roberts and lee child and james patterson

as they ride the same buses made in the same factories in taiwan
so what is all the fuss about
not only could a martian not tell the "red"and the "blue" people apart
they can't tell each other apart

unless they were to stop each other on the street
which of course they don't do
if they are even out in the street
and not locked up in prison or at work or in a day care center

or in front of their "personal" computers
relentlessly mixing their "own" brains
into the blue power shake of nothingness
expanding contracting is there a difference

grow a fucking pair, you libtard assholes
what's the difference between arguing with a christian and arguing with an amoeba?
read the holy quran brother
if you are a libra this is a good day to step back

yes that's what they want you to think
marx lenin justin bieber kim kardashian megan fox ayn rand
chairman mao jane fonda fidel castro dick cheney osama bin laden
michelle obama michelle obama the koch brothers the koch brothers bill ayers bill ayers bill ayers

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