Tuesday, May 6, 2014

wild women

text by cathy aragon

illustrations provided by penmarq studios

x, b, and s9 were on their way back to their work station from lunch when they saw a story on an overhead monitor about some wild women who had been discovered on an island in the middle of the ocean.

as they had plenty of time before they were due back, they stopped and watched it for a while.

there were shots of the wild women being led into a processing center in singapore after their flight from easter island, where they had been first taken after their capture.

one of them was struggling against the officers and had to be forcibly carried into the building, but the others - five or six of them - allowed themselves to be escorted without offering any resistance.

none of them looked directly at the cameras so it was difficult to see their faces.

x, b and s9 had never seen anything like them before.

they were dressed in standard issue yellow clothing, and as two or three of them were quite large the clothing was tight on their curiously misshapen bodies.

all had some sort of fibers growing directly out of their heads, and large lumps on the front of their bodies. several also had large protuberances directly beneath their spines.

later that week, when x returned home from work, the story was being updated.

the women had been successfully assimilated, but the authorities had had some difficulty in finding something to occupy their days.

food was not an issue, as they ate and drank everything put before them without complaint.

they had been given exercise machines and weights and ping pong tables and offered cooking and weaving classes, but they showed little interest in these things, and spent most of their waking hours singing the blues.

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