Thursday, May 9, 2013

black darkness

by dylan carnsworth

illustrations by penmarq studios

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a lone dark rider

riding a black horse

on the dark horizon

the black tower of doom

the black path of death

darkness falls

power of darkness

prince of darkness

queen of the night

children of the night

the black castle

the black baron

the black count

the black duke

all black hearted monsters

with black souls

giving in to dark temptation

the blackest crimes imaginable

his blackened name

down the dark highway

the black road to doom

black doom

yawning black pit of doom

in the black room

as black as he's painted

black agony

black night has fallen

dark night of the soul

black fruit of crime

black pit of doom

black hole of calcutta

black road to nowhere

yawning black pit of hell

dark moon

over a dark battlefield

dark as the grave

dark dreams of perdition

in the dark arena

down the dark streets

into the blackest alleys

of the darkened city

dark eyed temptress

dusky jezebel

thumb out on the dark highway

black highway to hell

black night is falling

black tears fall on the dark pavement

black rain falls from black clouds

dark invaders

from a black galaxy

final darkness

total blackness

black night

black dawn

black as sin

dark horizon

the black house

the black hearse

pulled by a black horse

the old dark house

dark mirror

black mirror

the black arts


black despair

the depths of dark despair

in a dark cave

filled with dark monsters

from the blackest depths of hell

dragged into the final darkness

consumed by darkness

black fire

black ashes

black daughter of the prince of darkness

black angels

black laughter

dark laughter

in the black dungeon of doom

behind the black door

behind a black mask

in the black chamber

the black hand

points the way to dark doom

out the dark window

down a dark road

off a black cliff

into the black waves

into the black depths

of the dark ocean

dark despair

into final darkness

the black goodbye

endless darkness

endless blackness

eternal night of darkness

darkness, ride with me

daughter of damnation

black cat

black panther

a proposal to combat racism

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