Thursday, May 9, 2013

the second meeting

by cathy aragon

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

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the second meeting of the committee for a better universe started smoothly .

cathy had suggested to her mother that she offer the members coffee or cookies or whatever before the meeting began, so as not to interrupt it in progress. mrs aragon didn't see what the big deal was, but she acquiesced goodnaturedly as always.

the coffee and tea and cookies having been placed before them, and the door closed behind mrs aragon, cathy quickly called the meeting to order, without indulging in any small talk, as was her way.

it had been agreed that each of the four members would make a presentation on a different subject, followed by a discussion. each discussion to go on as long as necessary, to be picked up at a later date if needed.

cathy was to discuss capitalism and the possibilities of world socialism.

megan was to discuss sexism.

sarah's subject was the media.

and dylan, who was first up, was to discuss racism.

the subjects of class, violence, the environment, and homophobia would be taken up at later meetings.

dylan stood up.

"you don't have to stand up," cathy told her.

"um - i feel more comfortable standing when i read a poem. i'm used to it, from going to readings and slams and stuff."

"a poem?"

"don't worry, i have a paper, but i want to start by reading this poem."

"go for it."

black darkness

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