Thursday, February 14, 2013

committee for a better universe

by cathy aragon

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

what should we call ourselves?

does it matter?

it will make things easier if we just have a word or some initials

committee of public safety

good, but most people won't get it

but we will

we want other people to get it too

committee of four, gang of four

we will have more members later

we hope

committee for a better world

i don't know - how about committee for a better universe?

all right i guess

anybody else? all right, we are the committee for a better universe

c b u

right. now you saw my little thing - "things to do" - any objection to any of it? does it seem a reasonable start?

i have an objection.

sarah has an objection.

should we be writing all this down?

i don't see why. maybe later, if we have more people.

for history.

i think we want to abolish history. start all over.

oh, excuse me.

we can discuss it later. right now, sarah, what was your objection?

i think we should concentrate on world government first, not global warming

you mean climate change

global warming, climate change, you know what i mean

abolition of technology - i think that is more precise

and gets the message across

whatever. sarah?

you are not going to abolish technology unless you have world government first. i don't see how you can do anything unless you have world government first.

yes, i thought of that, but ---

excuse me, would you ladies like something - coffee or tea or cookies?

mom -

sure, i will have a cup of tea. thank you very much, mrs aragon.

i'll have one too


all right, i will have a cup of tea too

that leaves you.

um, coffee please if it's no trouble.

anybody want cookies?

yes, thank you.


all right , i will bring a plate.

where were we?

why you didn't want to start with world government.

i thought that there was a certain urgency to the dangers of technology, that's all.

i'm with sarah, we can't do anything without world government.


i'm with them. besides there is already awareness of global - the dangers of technology. some anyway.

all right, we will start with world government then,

you don't want to have a big discussion about it?

no, let's just move along.


did you meet cathy's friends?

i don't want to meet cathy's friends.

they seem nice enough.

if they are cathy's friends and believe the same shit she does they are fucking morons.

now, now.

you can be nice to them. adam can be nice to them when he gets home. and they're cathy's friends. that's three out of four - they can be happy with that.

if that's how you feel.

besides, i have shooting practice tonight. remember?

of course i remember. would you like something before you go? tea, coffee, cookies?

i have to lose weight - i'll have one cookie. one.

the second meeting

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